What to bring

What to bring

Make sure the license and stamp are signed. They should be carried and in your possession at all times while hunting.

270, 30-06, 25-06, 7MM, and .300 are all good calibers for rifle hunting. Expect shots from 50 yards to 400 yards, although we like to keep you within the 150-250 range. Whatever the caliber, know your gun and make sure you get out and shoot prior to your hunt! Bring adequate ammunition for firearms.

Check the regulations on tension strength for hunting in Wyoming with archery. This info can be found on the game and fish website. Make sure you bring plenty of arrows and have extra broadheads and fletching.

Crucial clothing items include warm clothes that can be put on in layers as temperatures fluctuate; warm, comfortable boots (you may have to do some walking/stalking), and some sort of rain/snow gear is necessary. Make sure you bring a cap or hat with ear flaps, lightweight & warm gloves, and any other gear you may find necessary! Wyoming weather is unpredictable so be prepared for any condition. Bowhunters need camouflage outerwear and rifle hunters need blaze orange safety wear- often times a hat or vest.

French Creek Outfitters also recommends bringing a pair of binoculars. While the hunt area is pretty open, binoculars will be highly beneficial when determining the size of the game. Your guide will always have a pair with him, but the second set of eyes is never a bad idea.